Who is telling your story?

I’m reading an autobiography of George Carlin – one of my favourite comedians.

Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

I recently showed my son to use a toilet brush to clean up a mess he made.

The Process Delusion

We do Scrum (or Kanban or SAFe or..) How often have you met people – usually executives and management at conferences or other spaces outside of their company and they proudly proclaim ‘we do Scrum’.

Love with Dead Things


Our walnut tree gives us lovely walnuts and dead leaves. Both are lovely in different ways.

I actually love sweeping up the leaves, hearing them crunch underfoot and , occasionally, making art with them before they go on to the fire heap to get turned into another form of energy.

The Nature of Crazy

It’s 5:15 AM in Geneva and the train to the airport is getting busy.

My Web Summit 2015 Experience – the really short version.

TL;DR Web Summit was a major experience.  There were a lot of people – the organisers claim 42,000 people were in attendance – and it felt it.

Are Netflix and other interval collapsing platforms dangerous to your mental health?

I just watched the entire Daredevil season 1 on Netflix in 3 days.

Do you feel appreciated, punk?!

Computer says ‘appreciate Mike’ Corporates are a funny bunch.

I ❤️ Agile Testing Day Netherlands

I’ve just been to Agile Testing Day in the Netherlands.

[NSFW, 18+] Dear James Ellroy, fuck you.

I like to read.

Read this before ‘you eat your own dog food’

It has always amused me when people – usually men – say their company or team ‘eats their own dog food’.

Je suis Souleymane

A recent incident on the Paris Métro has troubled me ever since I heard the story.

Why Scrum is designed for misuse.

Street Cred I’ve been in the software development industry for 21 years,  using agile software development practices and principles for 14 years to actually deliver software.

Today is #BobMarley’s birthday, what is the music of your revolution?

Today is Bob Marley‘s 70th birthday.

Do Something Radical – Stop Preserving Your Career

Beware the language of powerlessness How often have you heard any of these phrases or perhaps  used them yourself: “Don’t rock the boat” “Pick your battles” “Keep your head down” “That is how stuff works around here” “These things take time” Within and outside the organisations I work with, I hear over and over again the language of powerlessness – the language of C.Y.A – Cover Your Ass, the language of the status quo.