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Check In

  • I’m glad that just as I began to slip back into disorganisation I recovered with some planning and regained focus.
  • I’m glad that so many people thing ServiceChat is a great idea (except they don’t have to pay for it)
  • I’m sad the all these people don’t have to pay for it (if they did – we’d be in business!)
  • I’m glad that I achieved a tremendous amount today
  • I’m mad that I didn’t get to do any language study
  • I’m glad that I’m now in flow.

I’m in. 

Achievements Since Last Retro


Most notably:

  • The ServiceChat site is up, serving the content (blogs and static info)
  • The ServiceChat App site is also up, serving the chatrooms and account management
  • Both work seamlessly with each other! (BTW both are password protected for beta purposes, shout me if you want a peek)
  • Mapped out my marketing strategyMarketing Strategy Map
  • Mapped out my game plan for the next few months (with lots of flexibility – who knows what options may emerge)
  • Complete 40 push ups and 40 squats in the 2 of 3 ten minute breaks I took today.
  • Updated my Business Model Canvas again (2nd time in a week!!)

I Learned…

  • That marketing is a skill that anyone can do, but it requires thinking very differently.
  • I don’t need anyones permission to pursue my dreams (I really needed to be reminded of this today!)

I Loved…

The buzz.

I’m Grateful For…

Having the skills to turn most of my vision into a reality.

Next Desired Outcomes

  1. In-chat invite functionality ported to ServiceChat
  2. Validate my pricing with a customer.
  3. Caught up on my language study.
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