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Check In

I’m glad that just after my entry yesterday, I was able to knuckle down (aided by some wine) and fix my issues.
I’m sad that, as a result,  I went to bed pretty early in the morning and so today was tiring.
I’m glad that I spent time with my wife, having coffee and catching up in the sunshine.
I’m excited that my WordPress blog site for ServiceChat is almost completely styled and ready for beta soon.
I’m excited at the options that emerged to run ServiceChat app with its blog – making life much easier for me.
I’m glad I pushed myself to exercise even though it was pretty late.
I’m afraid about the challenges that lie ahead and whether I will get through them.
I’m glad that right now I feel I can.

I’m in. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • ServiceChat chat is completed and ready to rock!
  • – the pub/sub platform I wrote for ServiceChat is completely refactored. and is more robust, stable and faster!

I Learned…

  1. How to optimise WordPress and a whole heap of DevOps know how.
  2. People are a bundle of stories and it is always worth it to have the conversation.

I Loved…

  • Stopping for 45 minutes to have a long conversation with a stranger on the street, helping them feel better and helping myself make a new friend.
  • Trying to help a friend with some empathy and thinking round a personal challenge.

I’m Grateful For…

Broadband , which spelt forwards spells ‘FREEDOM’

Next Desired Outcomes

  1. In-chat invite functionality ported to ServiceChat
  2. Basic info pages sketched out
  3. Two hours of language study (I think it’s going to be a 6am start)
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