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Check In

  • I’m mad that my language learning (which is one of the 3 things I’m focused on this year) – is falling behind.
  • I’m mad that I’m not making as much time for it as it deserves.
  • I’m mad that not speaking Spanish at home is affecting my son’s ability to really communicate and make friends at his school.
  • I’m glad that I have committed to do a couple of hours of language study and practice every morning from 9 to 11 and then begin my startup work. Please help me stay focused.
  • I’m sad that today was a really hard slog of a day. It felt like walking through treacle with both feet chopped off.
  • I glad that I’m in. Invictus!

I’m in. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • Authentication to chat is ported and working live.
  • Recorded the script for my explainer video. The first draft at least.
  • 60 pushups and a full HIIT workout in the evening.

I Learned…

  • Things take as long as they take, I may be best trying to figure out when I should stop/rethink than waste too much time
  • When you are working on a Startup in some of the most beautiful places on Earth, you lose track of time (what day is it?)
  • Working out last thing at night works best for me, helps me work out the stress of the day AND prepares me for a deep sleep

I Loved…

Finding all kinds of techniques, tools etc to make the internet beautiful and all freely shared. We are living in a very interesting time.

I’m Grateful For…

Being 5 seconds from work.

Next Desired Outcomes

  1. Complete the ChittyChat -> ServiceChat port (and decommission ChittyChat
  2. Validate my pricing with a customer.
  3. Try out my 2 hour (9-11) daily language study from Sunday
  4. Conclude my night with a retro and start my day with planning – this would be 2 blogs a day (shorter ones) but should be better. Trial from Sunday.
    My happyToHelpers can still only read once a day 😉
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