I’ve been ill over the last few days – hence no diary entries. You know the deal, kid picks some bug up from nursery and goes on a germ fuelled rampage, infecting the entire household. Felt totally rundown yesterday, sore throat, phlegmy chest. Attempted to do some work but gave up mid morning.

Today I feel better and rearing to go. Many ideas in the shower today around customer identification and approach, eager to try them out.

I have quite a lot to do today, so I need to be super focused and disciplined with my time. It’s music on, tweets off and head down.

See you on the other side.

Wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “April 30 – Plan: Recovering”
  1. Arggh. Sucks to be sick, but coudl be you needed the downtime to charge ahead. Sounds like it.

    What is the background on your trello board? I’m wondering if it is what I’m seeing. I’m not going to say what I’m seeing because when it’s not what I’m seeing, I’ll be embarrassed.

  2. Hi Steve and thanks for the comment.

    I actually did need the downtime.

    I use Beautify on chrome to jazz up my trello boards ( I believe pictures inpsire/motivate/affect mood).

    No, it’s not a picture of a 4 year old sniffing yellow cocaine.

    This is of my son – Ruben, smelling a giant daisy from one of our walks in Spain. He got pollen on his nose 🙂

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