Ben Howell shares with us his story today about how he went from a very active person building a career in the fitness industry to not being able to exercise or leave the house.
“Non-functional, like the worst flu and worst hangover, combined with having run a marathon.” – is how this illness like in Ben’s words.
When were you first diagnosed with ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia? 
What was your life like before you first fell ill with ME/CFS/FM?
AMAZING! At University for the second time, starting to build a career in the fitness industry, working part time as a gym instructor.
What do you miss the most since having ME/CFS/FM 
Being able to exercise. Being able to do the most basic things, like wake up and not feel absolutely horrific, flu-like, exhaustion beyond words.
Describe your worst day with ME/CFS/FM 
Non-functional, like the worst flu and worst hangover, combined with having run a marathon.
Describe your best day with ME/CFS/FM
They don’t really happen!
Describe your typical day with ME/CFS/FM
Housebound, unable to cook, unable to exercise at all.
What would you *most* like the world to know about living with ME/CFS/FM 
It is a very real, biological illness, that is seriously underfunded, with absolute inadequate treatment from the NHS.
Anything else you would like to share?
Thank you for doing this Mike.

This dedication is part of Mike’s Camino de Santiago walk.

Read why Mike is walking 255 km for ME/CFS/Fibromyalgia.

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