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What a day!  So many little things that combine to be pretty big.  But a very fulfilling day, tiring, but fulfilling.

  • Glad I had a balanced day – language practice (i discovered duolingo and it is amazing. Still using Rosetta Stone as well.)
  • Glad  the site is ready to go and I decided to do it by verbal invitation – having too many users too soon can be as problematic as not having any!
  • Excited that some early users will begin using it today/tomorrow.
  • Glad I got some brilliant feedback from some trusted contacts on ServiceChat’s landing pages, some great direction on at least one explainer video.
  • I’m grateful for living in interesting times.

I’m In.



The early feedback on the site (not the app) is the message is clear, but would be significantly clearer with the some media showing a real scenario (basically I need to tell stories!).

This changed my appreciation of the need for the explainer video.  Even if some folk already know the problem, they need to understand how my solution addresses it. I need stories and I need to communicate them compellingly.

So I have 2 main goals today:

Get early adopter business – 2 or 3 signed up to the app and using it. With over 20 years of building stuff people use I know users in the wild will find new ways to make things break and I am excited to learn these!

Work on the 50/50 explainer – that does a decent job of describing the problem and the solution – well enough to answer most questions anyway.

The Trello board…


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