By: Alexander Svensson

Check In

  • I’m sad I didn’t write my plan on friday (May 3rd and a retro for that day). Slow progress meant not much had changed at the level I was tracking on my board.
  • I’m glad that on Sunday , May 5th I worked deeply and intelligently and achieved a huge amount.
  • Glad that I should be able to get early adopters using ServiceChat around the middle (Wednesday/Thursday) this week
  • Excited to be trying Intermittent Fasting as part of my wellness focus.
  • Glad to be have created my startup storymaps, felt I was losing sight of the big picture!
  • Glad that this last weekend was one of the best we have had as a family – sheer bliss.

I’m excited. I’m In. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • Approved hosts working lovely
  • Autoresponder for non-signed up usage and non-active usage in place.
  • Email on signup complete – need to work on the text of emails – will test with early adopters
  • Updated my Startup Storymaps – this, with my marketing maps and business model canvas gives a great overview of what I intend to do, when and towards what outcomes. (might blog about it)

How The Trello Board Now Looks

ServiceChatTrello Board – 6/May

…and the The Story Map

ServiceChat Storymap

I Learned…

I Loved…

Catching up on some reading last night, having a late snooze and then coding till 4AM!

I’m Grateful For…

Reality. It is often less scary than the delusions I sometimes conjure.

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