By: Grant Kwok

Check In

  • I’m glad I’m making progress, it’s slow and with plenty of emergence, but it’s progress.
  • Glad that I’m learning and having fun doing this.
  • Mad that every 10 steps forward I discover 100 more miles to go!
  • Glad that I will have the approved chat hosts functionality in place, it’s so close I can smell its perfume.

I’m anxious. I’m In. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • Incorporated plans and accounts
  • Explored Hootsuite apps as a possible partner channel. They have 6 million users, I have 367 (from ChittyChat!).
  • I updated my fiddle with some revised pricing. It is still unvalidated with a customer (hoping that happens next week).

How The Trello Board Now Looks

It is fundamentally unchanged.

I Learned…

  • Messing with CSS and style takes time. Thankfully I work in 59/10 which means I review my work every hour to see if I should still be doing it.
  • That we can regrow lost forests with a commendable attempt at preserving diversity!

I Loved…

Sitting in the sunshine for a whole hour – with coffee, code and music. Even the wasps were friendly.

I’m Grateful For…

All the options for marketing, partnership and support that have emerged and are emerging.

2 thoughts on “May 2 – Retro: Ongoing…”
    1. Mike’s patented secret o dealing with wasps (bees and other buzzing things)…
      I find that the thing with wasps (and bees) is to be aware of them, but ignore them at the same time. Simply not give a crap, move about them like you know they are there but respect that they have a job to do and not interfere.

      Also I believe that fear has a smell and certain creatures that are on the aggressive side can detect this and zoom in.

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