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May 2 – Retro: Ongoing…

Check In

  • I’m glad I’m making progress, it’s slow and with plenty of emergence, but it’s progress.
  • Glad that I’m learning and having fun doing this.
  • Mad that every 10 steps forward I discover 100 more miles to go!
  • Glad that I will have the approved chat hosts functionality in place, it’s so close I can smell its perfume.

I’m anxious. I’m In. 

Achievements Since Last Retro

  • Incorporated plans and accounts
  • Explored Hootsuite apps as a possible partner channel. They have 6 million users, I have 367 (from ChittyChat!).
  • I updated my fiddle with some revised pricing. It is still unvalidated with a customer (hoping that happens next week).

How The Trello Board Now Looks

It is fundamentally unchanged.

I Learned…

  • Messing with CSS and style takes time. Thankfully I work in 59/10 which means I review my work every hour to see if I should still be doing it.
  • That we can regrow lost forests with a commendable attempt at preserving diversity!

I Loved…

Sitting in the sunshine for a whole hour – with coffee, code and music. Even the wasps were friendly.

I’m Grateful For…

All the options for marketing, partnership and support that have emerged and are emerging.

What do you think?

    • Mike’s patented secret o dealing with wasps (bees and other buzzing things)…
      I find that the thing with wasps (and bees) is to be aware of them, but ignore them at the same time. Simply not give a crap, move about them like you know they are there but respect that they have a job to do and not interfere.

      Also I believe that fear has a smell and certain creatures that are on the aggressive side can detect this and zoom in.