Screen capture from It's their copyrighted imagery!
Screen capture from It’s their copyrighted imagery!

I love

They are just the creative types that I’ve always aspired to. Whilst I am a creative thinker – in people solving mostly – I am not a natural drawer of attractive things. Stick figure drawing is more my style. Actually it is my only style and badly too.

Yet when I see Paper and it’s natural accessory – Pencil, I am sorely tempted to indulge in the app, the accessory and a new iPad Air to do it all on. Tempted but I won’t, because I know this is all aspiration marketing. See the cool kids do it, think you can be cool – buy the gadget, try it at home, fail repeatedly, eat ice-cream for comfort, get fat, the End.

Seriously though, if I were a drawer of attractive things I would actually buy this stuff, it looks like it was made with love and deep passion for the craft. When I first got my iPad 1, thought it would be cool to have a pencil shaped stylus – but there wasn’t one on the market and I was too busy to invent it. But that was many moons ago and I’ve come to terms with my inability to do the cool drawing thing on 3 iPads (and a token Android tablet too!).

And…what an awesome product website! Totally love the way they decompose the pen.

If you end up buying this stuff and it actually improves your drawing ability and revolutionises your ideation – please come back and share your story – I might change my mind.

Stay joyful.






2 thoughts on “Memo to me: Buying Paper and Pencil iPad gizmos won't make me draw or sketch like the cool kids.”
    1. Ooh, thanks for sharing that. If it helps me draw better stick people that would be a 100% improvement. Thanks for sharing Linda!

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