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  • May 1 – Retro : Pulled a Train

    Check In I’m sad I got mad with Katharine, it was a silly trivial thing that didn’t need to happen. Glad that we talked about it and made good. Glad that the surge of effort (I worked pretty late) to crack the twitter request functions of ServiceChat was successful Glad I decided to use sferik’s […]

  • May 1 – Plan : Full of Promise.

    Today The main push today is to get ServiceChat hosts being able to request from Twitter. This is currently the biggest differentiator from other products out there.  It is the simplest, fastest and most unobtrusive mechanism I have seen.   it just works (well at least it did in ChittyChat!). I’m going to start by […]

  • April 24: Much Done, Much To Do

    Check In I’m glad that just as I began to slip back into disorganisation I recovered with some planning and regained focus. I’m glad that so many people thing ServiceChat is a great idea (except they don’t have to pay for it) I’m sad the all these people don’t have to pay for it (if […]

  • April 23: Scary Challenges

    Check In I’m glad that just after my entry yesterday, I was able to knuckle down (aided by some wine) and fix my issues. I’m sad that, as a result,  I went to bed pretty early in the morning and so today was tiring. I’m glad that I spent time with my wife, having coffee […]

  • April 22: Frustrations Galore

      Check In I’m mad that I’ve spent most of today on two of the functional bits that should just work but don’t. With really important customer discovery effectively paused until I can get the ServiceChat beta site up, I’m seething that something I can’t identify is toying with me. Arrgghh – frustrating! I’m glad […]

  • Finding Focus and a Plea for Your Help.

    Lately I have been feeling very bloated.  I don’t mean overweight (I am a little), but mentally bloated – with distractions, ideas, fears and schemes to allay fears.  But during a week in the UK visiting my daughters I had the opportunity to have some headspace and to retrospect and I found the determination for renewed discipline […]