This is a notice to my Skype contacts: 
Skype (and others) have been spying on their users on behalf of the United States security apparatus for a long time. I do not want to be spied on any longer, so I’m closing my account, it will remain dormant and unused from today (15/July/2013) and cancelled on 01/August/2013.

I am currently researching alternatives, however you may contact me on Twitter or by email in the meantime and we can arrange a voice call (all of which are also compromised, I’m sure!).

My privacy is mine

The longer version

Coming soon…


4 thoughts on “Why I am Cancelling My 10+ year Skype Account”
    1. I stopped looking. Basically I use the phone and I figure that for the really secret stuff I will use crypto mail. What did you find?

    1. From the little I could see, it looks interesting.

      Though, to be honest, I don’t think I can hack yet another tool. I would really rather some of the existing players grew some backbone and took a stand to protect privacy. Won’t happen though 🙁

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