@mhsutton is Mike Sutton

 I believe in bringing everything that I am to everything that I do. This is unconventional in the World. Take a moment to explore just a little of what I am about

A Very Human Being

I’m full of passion, ideas, hopes and dreams. I am magnificent with flaws and awesomeness in equal measure.I am ever curious and ever learning.

Just like you , really.

Father, Son, Brother & Friend

I believe that we are each changed by our relationships. Mine are beautiful and varied and deeply significant.

My relationships help me remain connected and well-rounded.

Experienced Coach & Guide

I bring over 20 years of distilled learning and experiences from working with dozens of businesses and hundreds of teams to my partnerships.

And I’m only just getting started.

Startup Entrepreneur

By day I partner and by night I make. Learning all the time. I enjoy the feeling of building something from scratch and imagining the possibilities.

Full Stack Maker

I’ve been building stuff professionally for 21 years – a lifetime in computing terms – I can do and have done enough of everything from concept to cash to understand what hurts, why and how to naturally empathise.


Driven by my need to see a world where people pursue their passions and seek joy, I connect, encourage, scheme and collaborate to help everyone discover and do what they love.

I want to change the World, it’s important work. I cannot wait to change myself before I change the World. Instead I want to change myself through changing the World.

What change do I mean?

I want everyone to operate from a place of empathy and compassion for others, to seek boundless JOY through helping others be joyful.  We can do it. Hunger and poverty exists not because we do not have enough – as a human population we have plenty. We do not yet care enough to distribute what we have fairly and without profit. I want to disrupt this.

Isolation and depression thrive because we do not demonstrate and live by the inevitable connectivity that we have with each other and the other magnificent creatures we share this space with.  Even now I love  you, as you read this. Take that love and pay it forward.  You need to do it, for me, yourself and the World.  We need each other, everyone. Pure and simple.

I would really love you to join me and for us to make life more joyful together.

4 Replies to “@mhsutton is Mike Sutton”

  1. Hi Mike,

    sorry I didn’t wait for you on Friday in Berlin, but we were in hurry to return back to home (driving 12 hours).

    Can you send me a blank email to my so I can write back to you?

    Thank you,

    Dusan from ScrumDesk

  2. I can’t find where to send you my ME story? Could you please give me a REAL BIG clue. Thank you very much.

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