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I’m glad that today (day 3 ) of this new way of doing my thing, is the first day that it all pretty much worked.
I’m delighted that I have never been happier.
I’m glad I took time to sketch out the skins, made things go a lot faster and smoother.
I’m sad that my friend had a really hard time last year (lost his Mama – and now he is an orphan) and I knew nothing about it.
I’m glad I took my breaks at the timer
I’m very glad that I was able to do 60 pushups and 30 squats during my 10 minute breaks.
I’m mad I didn’t review my business model canvas as I had expected.

I’m so in.

Desired Outcomes For Today

Two days of toil and I recognise the truth that my rebranding is not a 2-day job. I am at peace with that and very happy with the results so far.
Therefore I am revising my outcomes. I expect to still be working on rebranding ServiceChat – specifically skinning the chat screens to make them responsive and to pare them down to the basics (ChittyChat has some bits I actually don’t want in the MVP for ServiceChat).

3 Things I Learned

  1. Progress is slow when I am learning how to do the work and doing the work. I must think about this, identify when this is the case and manage my expectations accordingly.
  2. My gut is very wise – it knows what I need
  3. Design takes time and thought (all kinds of design!)

3 Things I Will Improve On Before The Next Retro

  1. Reading a customer service oriented blog
  2. Getting out of bed on the first alarm.
  3. Get to bed before midnight (might help with above 😉

Something I’m Grateful For

That, inspite of myself, I am able to learn new things and that I’m loving the process of learning. Awesome!

Outcomes For Tomorrow

  1. The Chat screen completely restyled and working responsively on common handsets and browsers.
One thought on “18-April-2013: Habits are forming!”
  1. Welcome! Thanks for inspiring me with energy to continue my diary as well.
    Improvement suggestion:
    You added a sharing sidebar to the blog that makes it hard to read your post on my iFön as it gets in the way.
    Lots of hugs…

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