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  • I am tired.

    I am tired.

    I’m tired, very very tired of trying to build startups. So very tired of starting from scratch with every idea. Of the hustling and the hacking.  I’m tired of hearing people saying ‘No’ and the ‘Oh it’s a great idea but..’. I’m tired of the apathy – of sending 10,000 emails and having only 10% […]

  • Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    I’ve met some of the most interesting personalities on planes. Or at airports. There is something about the transience of travel that seems to bring out a form of casual honesty. One such encounter was on a flight from Spain to Boston. As we boarded my connecting fight to Boston from JFK, I took my […]

  • Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    Every kid needs to learn to use a toilet brush

    I recently showed my son to use a toilet brush to clean up a mess he made. Of course he turned his nose up and made the face that says ‘this is a shitty job’. It is. Life is full of shitty jobs –  crappy things that you sometimes have to do as part of […]

  • Love with Dead Things

    Our walnut tree gives us lovely walnuts and dead leaves. Both are lovely in different ways. I actually love sweeping up the leaves, hearing them crunch underfoot and , occasionally, making art with them before they go on to the fire heap to get turned into another form of energy.

  • The Nature of Crazy

    The Nature of Crazy

    It’s 5:15 AM in Geneva and the train to the airport is getting busy. Amongst all the bleary eyed travelers is a  seemingly ‘normal’ individual. Rain jacketed, clean shaven and serious looking. He sits down in the sit adjacent to mine, makes no eye contact and proceeds to read his newspaper. “Blah blah Federale blah […]

  • Today is #BobMarley's birthday, what is the music of your revolution?

    Today is #BobMarley's birthday, what is the music of your revolution?

    Today is Bob Marley‘s 70th birthday. It got me thinking about music and revolution. I have a favour to ask you, but first… We are all Children of Revolution I grew up in Nigeria in the 70s and 80s. This was the best of times and it was the worst of times. There was a […]

  • Charge Cosby or #STFU.

    Charge Cosby or #STFU.

    Spoiler: This is not about Bill Cosby. It is about the usurpation of law to condemn a person by media without legal proof. I watched the Cosby show as a kid. I – like millions of other young teens – wished he was my dad. But I grew out of that by my late teens […]

  • Despair – the place between death and defiance

    Despair – the  place between death and defiance

    Imagine you couldn’t swim and you fell into a deep pool. As you sped down to the bottom — sinking lower and lower, confused and afraid. Your only hope. To reach the rocky bottom and push back up with everything you’ve got. To focus all that you are into a single powerful purpose — re-emergence. Your hope is to […]

  • My Offer Of Being Helpful A Little Everyday (almost)

    My Offer Of Being Helpful A Little Everyday (almost)

    What makes the world go around?  I think part of the secret sauce of what makes the world worth enduring is neither money nor fame. I think that it is being helpful to other people – personally and professionally. One of my life strategies is giving freely what I have to get what I want. […]

  • Joy and Genocide. Happy Birthday to me!

    Today is April 7th. It is my birthday. Today I celebrate making it to 40 years old, when 10.5 million males die – on average – every year before their 40th birthday. I am also celebrating because my life is pretty much perfect. Almost all my needs are met – save two. That is not […]