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17-April-2013: Sloooow!

Check In

I’m frustrated that everything I tried to do today took longer than I thought it would.
I’m glad I stopped to consider why and what I could do about it.
I’m mad that I needed to continue my task to research customers (this shit is important!!! and urgent) and I was not able to.
I’m glad I decided to use a template instead of handcrafting the ServiceChat temporary skin – it made the day less sloow!
I’m afraid that it is Thursday tomorrow.
I’m frustrated that I can be let down by tech (my network) and entire hours can be swallowed up trying to solve it
I’m glad that I can see an end to the re-skinning task tomorrow and I should get an opportunity to get on the Customer Discovery work.
I’m glad that I had almost no distractions (just pain!)

I’m in.

Desired Outcomes For Today

From my high of yesterday I had to reach my outcome of ServiceChat having its own visible identity and completing the work I needed to have at least 2 potential customers researched.

I’m farther along, just not as far as my outcomes. Progress is progress – as they say in Spain  “poco a poco”.

3 Things I Learned

  1. Sometimes I need to step back as a developer and look at what solution is required – I don’t have to build everything.
  2. Sometimes the people I pay to do things can do them better than me.
  3. Sometimes I really am the best person to do the thing I hired someone else to do.

3 Things I Will Improve On Before The Next Retro

  1. Sketching/wireframe out what I want the new ServiceChat UI to look like (so I don’t overly experiment when I code)
  2. Taking my break when the timer goes off.
  3. Update my neglected Business Model Canvas!

Something I’m Grateful For

The huge list of stuff that I have done in my life. Skills that I cannot consciously recollect have been internalised in me and they crop up when I need them the most. I just know how to do certain things. Awesome!

Outcomes For Tomorrow

  1. Continue to reach my original outcomes ( a rebranded  ServiceChat app that does atleast as much as ChittyChat does AND have at least 2 customers researched)
  2. An updated business model canvas that reflects what I have learnt since I last updated it 3 weeks ago.

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  1. Welcome!
    And welcome to the club of people who doubt and question and challenge themselves. Than you for reminding me how making that explicit increases the learning effect of it.