Month: March 2004

  • Back in the Fold (a.k.a Business as Usual)

    With a few master strokes – principally paying off the billions in compensation to the families of the victims of the Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie and renouncing its ‘advanced’ Weapons of Mass Destruction program, Libya has wormed its way right back into western favour. So now the rewards will flow in earnest. Libyan oil […]

  • In the moment

    Looking out from my third floor flat , out over the lights of small town England. The lights, the quiet, the peace; a wave of humility hits me, a spontaneous connection to the human family and I cast my mind to what may be happening at this very moment, elsewhere in the world. Somewhere in […]

  • Calm and Restraint

    ‘… we appeal for calm and restraint…’ – part of US statement on Israel’s assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. Just as it seems things could not get any worse, events conspire to ensure they do. Usually these events, especially in the murky world of international diplomacy and paranoid national interests, are masterminded to have exactly […]

  • A Preoccupation With War

    No matter how hard they try, it would seem the specter of launching an unjust war, invasion and the sustaining of an occupation refuses to be shifted. But it is interesting to note the uses of this lingering historical footnote by an American administration with no clear progressive domestic agenda AND facing re-election (or not); […]

  • Of Hornets and Terrorists

    More blood in Baghdad, more suicide bombers and more raids against the occupying forces. It is billed as Shia on Sunni violence (or Sunni on Shia). But these two groups have never conflicted. Not before Saddam nor indeed during his regime. Iraqis are not civil war enthusiasts, their history has not shown this. Even under […]

  • Crimes of the Elected , Sins of the Electorate

    It is impossible not to feel revulsion at the bombing of the rush hour trains in Madrid. Ten simultaneous explosions ripped through trains and stations killing hundreds of people, injuring thousands and plunging a nation into stunned mourning. The legacy that this leaves the families of the dead and injured is deplorable and wrong. It […]

  • Enough is enough

    The Guantanamo Five – five British men held in Guantanamo Cuba (formerly Camp X-Ray) have now been released to British authorities and returned home after two long years of being interned in a military prison without charge nor access to legal support. These men were captured in Afghanistan during the War on Terror response for […]

  • A Question Of Humanity

    I have just read a photo journal of a retired Israeli physician working in the Israeli occupied territories of the West Bank. (Photo Journal ). The idea of this, seeing it in pictures and reading a little about what this person is contributing to a alleviate human suffering moved me to tears. It wasn’t the […]

  • Haiti Voodoo

    A lot of speculation surrounds the departure of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide; popular reports suggest he resigned the presidency and is now in exile in the Central African Republic with his wife and close aides. Another report – verified by distinguished and independent observers – is that he was forced into exile by the US who […]

  • Can The Rich Help The Poor?

    Apparently there isn’t enough money in the world to address the serious problems facing the planet and its inhabitants. The serious problems identified include hunger, poverty, lack of education, disease and pollution. This is the conclusion of Professor Bjorn Lomborg, author of ‘The Skeptical Environmentalist’ and host of the Copenhagen Consensus 2004 – a conference […]