Month: July 2013

  • Cheap At Half the Price

    By: Coffee Circle – CC BY 2.0 A couple of days ago, I walked into an outlet of a well known chain of Irish sandwich shops and ordered my lunch. As I am wont to do after my lunch, I ordered a single espresso to go. The lady behind the counter promptly setup the coffee […]

  • @Morrisons Customer Service: Fluke or Designed to Delight?

    As I was sifting through the data that Bizbuzz was providing about potential ServiceChat customers,  I came across Morrisons – a British grocery and supermarket business that has about 12% of the UK grocery market (source: Economics Help) I was looking at their ‘apology’ buzz – a tracking of how many apologies they are making […]

  • Musing on Citizenship-as-a-Service.

      I have a tax bill due. It is ‘tax on profits’ and while I have the money set aside to pay it, there is still a deep sense of hesitation to hand the money over. Hold up, here comes the science bit. Long ago humans became collectives to live and hunt together, socialise and […]

  • July 23: A Change to Regular Programming

    When I set out to build my startup in January, we moved to Spain to immerse in the culture, learn the language and extend my startup runway by 4 month. I knew I would have to revisit how I would fund our continued stay in Spain and how I might continue to explore my startup. […]

  • Why Current Ideas of Social Media Customer Service Suck

    Reach, responsiveness, engagement, resolution, impact, journey – these are all buzzwords in the brave new world of customer service meets social media. Undoubtedly, it has all the excitement of a first date – all that uncertainty of how to behave and what to say.  Despite being a new platform, the same rules  apply – being authentic, […]

  • Wickedly witty caption seeks hilarious illustration for fun times.

    I recently saw ‘Tangled’ – an animated movie of the Rapunzel story. Very enjoyable. As it often happens, a funny visual came to mind and an even funnier caption that I would love to match with an illustration to make a single panel comic. To have maximum effect,  I don’t want to reveal the caption […]

  • To Blog or Not To Blog

      As I explore the social media customer service space – trying to discover and connect, I am learning quite a bit. Should I join the fray and blog about what I am learning in order to share and establish some sort of profile or authority? I’m concerned that there is so much of the […]

  • July 18: A Mixed Bag

    Not sure what to make of this week. It’s a bit like being in  the Tom Hanks movie ‘The Terminal’. I’m stuck but actually while I’m in this state of suspension there are really interesting things happening, but mostly I’m still stuck. Unlike Tom Hanks, my becoming unstuck is in my hands, I just don’t […]

  • Why I am Cancelling My 10+ year Skype Account

    TL;DR This is a notice to my Skype contacts:  Skype (and others) have been spying on their users on behalf of the United States security apparatus for a long time. I do not want to be spied on any longer, so I’m closing my account, it will remain dormant and unused from today (15/July/2013) and […]

  • Pictures of Spain