When my mum called Tony Blair an ‘out and out’ liar and his administration ‘morally bankrupt’ , I was a little reticent to join in and thought for a second that she might be wrong.

Blair and his Labour government are indeed liars in their role in the Weapons of Mass Deception fiasco which provided a very poor excuse for invading Iraq and unleashing the devastation that followed.

Today, Jack Straw – the UK Minister for Justice (heeheehee – ironic isn’t it!) announced that he was vetoing the releasing of the minutes of the Cabinet meetings in the run-up to the Iraq war (see Straw Vetoes Iraq Minutes Release). Jack Straw was in the Cabinet and involved in those meetings and now it seems, is part of the longer term cover up.

His cover for the cover-up? Releasing the minutes would do ‘serious damage’ to the system of Cabinet government and collective responsiblity. His view is that this is of greater importance than openness and public accountability.

Such is the total disregard that these political shysters have for us – the citizens of the United Kingdom by whose mandate they govern.

I have to live with the shame that the first time I exercised my democratic (and hard fought) right to vote in this country, I voted in liars and war criminals.

They have lied and stumbled their way through events that have monumental repercussions for the very foundations of this country and indeed the world. We can excuse them screwing up the little things (like education and healthcare!), but when they screw up on the big things – like committing hundreds of billions of pounds we actually don’t have to inherently broken institutions with little regard for the suffering it causes , it is inexcusable and at the very least they need to be sacked. The entire government needs to go! If they’re lucky they won’t do jail time for incompetence.

Not only are they liars and lack moral aptitude, the rot continues and is amplified by the new government of Gordon the unelected/unelectable. Their lack of vision and creative thinking in this financial crisis is astounding. If ever there was a time to spend taxpayer money wisely – this would be it. Instead they hurl cheques that might as well be blank at greedmongers and those that have ruined entire economies.

Britain was great once – on the backs of the oppressed and the blood , sweat and tears of the colonies. This labour government has a chance to make it great again – by rebalancing our society and creating a fairer and rejuventated community, revolutionising public services and creating a knowledge economy that would sustain generations of growth, for halting the pace of environmental decline and perhaps turning it back. But they lack the vision and political will to do it.

My mother was right, beyond what she could even comprehend or perhaps she just has the vision that this government sorely lacks.

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