Tag: Check-in

  • May 30 – It's Been Emotional

    Yesterday Watching the data stream in and seeing the emotions and needs that generated it has itself been really emotional. On one hand, frustration that so many people who use certain businesses are dissatisfied and go unheard.  On the other, I am also glad that they choose to express that need (albeit with some angry […]

  • May 28 – Data is Fascinating

    Yesterday I think I’m back in my stride! Having got bizbuzz online, the data is flowing straight out of Twitter, of businesses that have the problem ServiceChat is designed to solve.  I’m getting the metrics to use in the conversation with these prospective customers. It is providing amazing clarity and insight into the problems and […]

  • May 27 – A Squeak of a Week

    Yesterday Last Week! It’s Monday, of a brand new week – that is as it always is.  However last week was notable for a few reasons: I didn’t write my blog – a serious breach of the commitment to my focus. It’s not that I was not focused, in fact I was too focused to […]

  • May 21 – One mountain's peak is another's base.

    Yesterday It’s been a weird few days, my exhiliration at releasing ServiceChat is tempered by a realisation that the mountains left to climb are even higher than that of getting software built (which is really just a molehill!) Oh young whippersnapper founder, hear me well – software is the easy bit.  Finding customers and trying […]

  • May 17 – Been Focused on Making Art

    The last three days No, I haven’t been abducted by aliens. I apologise for not posting to this blog over the last 3 days. It’s been a tough few days, spent mostly making art and exercising my passions. Glad I had invested 3 solid days in pushing to close off the outstanding tasks to get […]

  • May 14 – All Set!

    Yesterday What a day!  So many little things that combine to be pretty big.  But a very fulfilling day, tiring, but fulfilling. Glad I had a balanced day – language practice (i discovered duolingo and it is amazing. Still using Rosetta Stone as well.) Glad  the site is ready to go and I decided to […]

  • May 10 – My Keel Is Evening Out

    Yesterday Really challenging day, huge range of emotions but perhaps necessary.  Mostly I am: Glad my routine is settling down and more that I am really enjoying it. Glad I got feedback from my friend and ServiceChat early adopter on my landing page. It was awesome feedback and the mods really enhanced it. Sad that […]

  • May 9 – Too Far Down The Road Less Travelled

    Yesterday What an intense day – but pleasantly so.  Mostly I am: Glad I successfully executed my new routine. I had a 17 hour fast, did 1.5 hours of language study (and it was huge fun) and 8 hours of work on the startup and over an hour of wellness throughout the day – YAY! […]

  • May 7 (and 8th) – Plan : Replan, Replay

      A Note on Yesterday In lieu of a retro for yesterday (May 6th), which I did not write because it was late, I was tired and intended to do it this morning but unexpectedly had to make an airport run. That is my story and I shall be sticking with it. The app is […]

  • May 3 – Retro: Traction.

    Check In I’m sad I didn’t write my plan on friday (May 3rd and a retro for that day). Slow progress meant not much had changed at the level I was tracking on my board. I’m glad that on Sunday , May 5th I worked deeply and intelligently and achieved a huge amount. Glad that […]