August 3: I Failed. Do, Learn, Adapt and Repeat Differently.

  I am mothballing my ServiceChat startup experiment.

July 23: A Change to Regular Programming

When I set out to build my startup in January, we moved to Spain to immerse in the culture, learn the language and extend my startup runway by 4 month.

July 9 – Back away from the code, slowly.

  Every passing day re-affirms my fear.  I have to back away from the code, close the IDE – quit doing what I love doing and start doing the other thing.

June 26 – Disheartened

I’m sitting here not really wanting to do anything else but code.

June 20 – Mikey’s back!

The last 13 days Q: Does a daily blog have to be done every day?

June 7 – Dizzy with pivots.

Yesterday(and the previous 2 days) The last few days have been like driving in a tunnel, with occasional pauses to check the map.

May 31 – Talking to Customers is Hard

Yesterday So I’m trying really hard to chat with some people about the problem I’m trying to solve.

May 30 – It’s Been Emotional

Yesterday Watching the data stream in and seeing the emotions and needs that generated it has itself been really emotional.

May 28 – Data is Fascinating

Yesterday I think I’m back in my stride!

May 27 – A Squeak of a Week

Yesterday Last Week!

May 21 – One mountain’s peak is another’s base.

Yesterday It’s been a weird few days, my exhiliration at releasing ServiceChat is tempered by a realisation that the mountains left to climb are even higher than that of getting software built (which is really just a molehill!) Oh young whippersnapper founder, hear me well – software is the easy bit.

May 17 – Been Focused on Making Art

The last three days No, I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

May 14 – All Set!

Yesterday What a day!

May 13 – Shipping is HARD!

Yesterday Sunday, May 12th:  I struggled to get started.

May 10 – My Keel Is Evening Out

Yesterday Really challenging day, huge range of emotions but perhaps necessary.