Month: March 2012

  • Aerlingus Rocks or Linchpins are like Unicorns or 'How Mike Almost Missed His Flight'

    Ok, so I know I’ve bitched about the quality of Aer Lingus food in the past and maybe also about their tardiness. But, you know, when it really counts, Aer Lingus absolutely deliver. Above and way beyond expectation. Let me share my story with you. Today I was due to catch a flight from Shannon […]

  • Planning is good, Execution is better.

    A Little Secret I have to admit something, please keep it quiet. Come closer, I’ll whisper… “LATELY, I HAVE BEEN ALL PLAN AND NO EXECUTION!!” Its a damn nuisance, every time I am about to get going on something, life conspires to really slow me down, in the form of pesky childhood illnesses messing with […]