Month: September 2013

  • I really suck at finding early customers.

    I meet many people who struggle with ideas for a startup – at least for one they would be ready to take a risk to explore. Thankfully this is not a problem I have. There is no shortage of ideas nor of the capability to generate ideas. Neither do I have a huge aversion to […]

  • Why I Live In Pinos del Valle

    8am in my sleepy village of Pinos del Valle, nestled in the mountains overlooking the Lecrin Valley opposite the amazing Las Alpujarras in Andalusia, Spain. ps. Turn your speakers on.

  • Do you want to feel less isolated working on your own?

    I’m a solo founder. I’m working on the startups to the right —> I work from home in Pinos del Valle in Andalusia, Spain. There are 2 bars and almost no other tech entrepreneurs and most of my time is spent online – coding, research, emailing, reading, twitter or customer development – pretty much all […]

  • Why Are Women Not Paid The Same As Men?

    I have been tip toeing around this in my head. I thought I knew why, but actually I think I’m as much a victim of my own preconceptions as anyone! So basically I’m zeroing what I know. Please help me understand. So here is my question. I am saddened by this situation and angry too. […]