Month: January 2016

  • Telephones in toilets

    Telephones in toilets

    What is it with telephones in hotel room toilets? In this apparently 5-star hotel I’m holed up in Amsterdam – they have 3 phones in this room and one of them installed by the throne in the bathroom. Clearly I’m not the target audience for this level of communication equipmentization (I’m making that a word!). […]

  • Downtime in the Age of Cloud Computing

    Downtime in the Age of Cloud Computing

    We are working on an experimental mobile based social photography app called Snaptime and we have an ambitious plan to have it on the various app stores by the 1st of February so that people can start to play with it and help us learn what it does [and should do]  for them. 8 hours […]

  • A week of amazing things.

    A week of amazing things.

    3 amazing things happened this week First – the fundraising target for my Long Walk on Camino de Norte was reached in less than 24 hours. Then I hired a developer to work on an ongoing experiment – SnaptimeApp – and this was the fastest hire on Upwork in 8 years of using the service. […]

  • I'm going for a walk

    I'm going for a walk

    The Short and Sweet Between May 8th and the 20th , I’ll be walking 214km 240km of the 815km long of the Camino del Norte – the northern route of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. I’d like you to support me and my selected charity and invite you to join me. Walking the Camino de […]