Month: February 2016

  • The Scrum Steam

    The Scrum Steam

    This exchange happened on WhatsApp between my buddy and I. Enjoy. On a cold day, the heat coming off a rugby scrum can be such that it creates a visual effect known as “scrum steam” Photo by royskeane

  • Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    Tales from my travels: 50 Bucks!

    I’ve met some of the most interesting personalities on planes. Or at airports. There is something about the transience of travel that seems to bring out a form of casual honesty. One such encounter was on a flight from Spain to Boston. As we boarded my connecting fight to Boston from JFK, I took my […]

  • How Sporty is Spain?

    How Sporty is Spain?

    I recently took up running and had occasion to shop for running gear and suddenly I’m seeing people wearing “sports” clothing everywhere. Most are unlikely to be heading to the gym. It’s almost like when you decide to buy a certain model of car, you start to see that model everywhere. Frankly I’m blown away […]