Month: April 2013

  • April 30 – Retro : Beautiful Things Unfolding!

    Copyright 2013 – Brianna Sutton Check In I’m glad that my cold and fatigue are conquered for now. Glad that I stuck to my schedule and worked sustainably Glad I did 80 pushups across all 4 of my ten-minute breaks! I’m mad that I am still discovering more things to be done. Glad that there […]

  • April 30 – Plan: Recovering

    Today I’ve been ill over the last few days – hence no diary entries. You know the deal, kid picks some bug up from nursery and goes on a germ fuelled rampage, infecting the entire household. Felt totally rundown yesterday, sore throat, phlegmy chest. Attempted to do some work but gave up mid morning. Today […]

  • April 25: Hard Slog!

      Check In I’m mad that my language learning (which is one of the 3 things I’m focused on this year) – is falling behind. I’m mad that I’m not making as much time for it as it deserves. I’m mad that not speaking Spanish at home is affecting my son’s ability to really communicate […]

  • Invictus

    Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and […]

  • April 24: Much Done, Much To Do

    Check In I’m glad that just as I began to slip back into disorganisation I recovered with some planning and regained focus. I’m glad that so many people thing ServiceChat is a great idea (except they don’t have to pay for it) I’m sad the all these people don’t have to pay for it (if […]

  • April 23: Scary Challenges

    Check In I’m glad that just after my entry yesterday, I was able to knuckle down (aided by some wine) and fix my issues. I’m sad that, as a result,  I went to bed pretty early in the morning and so today was tiring. I’m glad that I spent time with my wife, having coffee […]

  • April 22: Frustrations Galore

      Check In I’m mad that I’ve spent most of today on two of the functional bits that should just work but don’t. With really important customer discovery effectively paused until I can get the ServiceChat beta site up, I’m seething that something I can’t identify is toying with me. Arrgghh – frustrating! I’m glad […]

  • April 19 : Leaps and Bounds!

      Check In I’m glad that I only worked a half day today, I got to spend the afternoon with my sons. I’m glad  that I was inspired to steal, with permission, Olaf’s template that he was inspired to make by reading this blog (everything is connected!) – Please let me know what you think […]

  • 18-April-2013: Habits are forming!

    Check In I’m glad that today (day 3 ) of this new way of doing my thing, is the first day that it all pretty much worked. I’m delighted that I have never been happier. I’m glad I took time to sketch out the skins, made things go a lot faster and smoother. I’m sad […]

  • 17-April-2013: Sloooow!

    Check In I’m frustrated that everything I tried to do today took longer than I thought it would. I’m glad I stopped to consider why and what I could do about it. I’m mad that I needed to continue my task to research customers (this shit is important!!! and urgent) and I was not able […]