Stand tall, My Friend, like the giant that you are

You’ve fought the valiant fight!

Soar high, My Friend, towards the farthest star

Become surrounded by it’s heavenly light.

Leave behind, My Friend, your body so weak

Your soul has earned it’s rest.

Let your spirit, My Friend, taste the peace that you seek

You have found freedom at it’s best.

Don’t look back, My Friend, at what you’ve left behind

A better place awaits you now.

Embrace the joy, My Friend, that you will find

And take your final bow.

This is not, My Friend, the last good-bye

For you’ll always be in my heart.

Nor is it, My Friend, all the tears I will cry

For those have only begun to start.

For now, My Friend, I shall let you go

To drift into a gentle sleep.

I’ll be fine, My Friend, of that you should know

For me you shouldn’t weep.

So soar, My Friend, fly high into the sky

I shall see you there someday

Until then, My Friend, I will get by

And in my memory you shall stay.

-submitted by Alok.

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