What: Prescription glasses, Prescription Sunglasses online
When: 28th June 2016
5 things that delighted me:

  1. Huge choice of prescription specs – I wanted wraparounds
  2. Really affordable. Usually 2 pairs cost me > £250. These cost me £145
  3. Next day delivery of prescription sunglasses – are you kidding me!!!
  4. Awesome communication – the lab called to tell me one pair failed QA tests, they were fixing and sending the next day. Live chat was fast, friendly and answered my query/solved my problem in record time.
  5. All the above + sweets in box + £7.15 discount on next order + £50 Virgin wine 


This is a new series of my personal recommendations for products and services that I encounter.
Anything that I write about here has delighted me – not simply a good service or product.

I have 4 simple criteria for a product or service to delight me:
– Suitable for purpose: it must do what I want it to do
– A pleasant experience: my experience of the website, the order, delivery – everything must me smile.
– it’s OK for things to go wrong, but if they do, the process of getting it resolved must make me smile, feel relieved and make me wanna shout with joy.
– Price is price – it doesn’t have to be the cheapest on the market, but if all the above are met and it is great value too – bonus!

Note: I have not taken any payment from any product or service for writing this. And I never will.

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