Lessons from why my startup failed: Know your mind.

I ceased work on ServiceChat – the startup that I have been working on for six months.

July 23: A Change to Regular Programming

When I set out to build my startup in January, we moved to Spain to immerse in the culture, learn the language and extend my startup runway by 4 month.

July 12: Traction not tractors

Traction is vital, getting early customers to commit to using what I’m offering is very important.  Both are vital and important for my finances and startup growth, sure – but mostly for my sanity.

July 8 – Working hard, differently

    My last post was about 2 weeks ago and you might have wondered where I disappeared to.

June 20 – Mikey’s back!

The last 13 days Q: Does a daily blog have to be done every day?

May 30 – It’s Been Emotional

Yesterday Watching the data stream in and seeing the emotions and needs that generated it has itself been really emotional.

May 28 – Data is Fascinating

Yesterday I think I’m back in my stride!

May 27 – A Squeak of a Week

Yesterday Last Week!

May 10 – My Keel Is Evening Out

Yesterday Really challenging day, huge range of emotions but perhaps necessary.

April 30 – Plan: Recovering

Today I’ve been ill over the last few days – hence no diary entries.